Who is Chuck Worley?


About Me

I specialize in Sports, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Therapeutic, and  Swedish/Relaxation Massage.

I received over 900+ hours of massage training at De Anza College including 2 internships at Stanford University working on their top level NCAA athletes.  I also have many continuing education hours in several different massage modalities which I incorporate into my sports and deep tissue techniques.  I am very active in the local Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association.  I have been Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork since 2005.  Recently California established a system for statewide certification.  I am also California State Certified as a Massage Therapist.

I opened my massage business in Los Gatos in 2005.  My office is located immediately behind the Los Gatos Whole Foods Market.  For those of you who know the area, I like to tell my clients that I am located at the junction of Peet's Coffee and Noah's Bagles.  My massage room window looks out onto a small forest of Redwood Trees beyond which lies Noah's Bagels and Whole Foods.  My other window looks across Blossom Hill Rd at Peet's Coffee.  

I am not your typical massage therapist.  I am 67 years young.  My wife, a teacher, and I raised our 4 childern and they have all flown the coop.  I am retired from the Silicon Valley Semiconductor Industry where I spent 1/4 of a century working as a process engineer for National Semiconductor Corp making wafers and chips.  I am very logical and research oriented in my approach to massage.  Lots of anatomy books.

I am a former Triathlete who no longer cycles.  I still call myself a Triathlete because I actively participate in 3 sports:  Swim, Run, and Yoga (far better for my low back than cycling).  I am just over 6 feet tall with long arms so I physically have the height, length, and leverage to perform Deep Tissue massage.  But I also love to provide Swedish/relaxation massages too.

About You

If you want relief from back and neck pain,

loosening up tight muscles,

relieving trigger points,

releasing adhesions in knotted up muscles then I am your man.  

And I still perform wonderful, totally relaxing, foot, hand, scalp, and full body massages.

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